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How to Get Driving License?

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First keep in mind your international driver’s license is ONLY VALID FOR A PERIOD OF 12 MONTHS AFTER YOU INITIALLY LAND IN JAPAN regardless of what it says on your international driver’s license.

It means that after being in Japan for 12 months you will have to get a Japanese driver’s license if you want to drive AND depending on your country you may have to take the practical exam. Guys But don’t worry here’s how to do it...

All has to go through this first appointment which is more or less a documents and background check.

On your first appointment at the Center you need to bring:

1. be with our passport

2. If any previous expired passports

3. be with Residence Card

4. be with Home country's driver's license

5. If any Previous expired home country's driver's licenses (if possible)

6. be with Your International Driver's Permit (not absolutely necessary - this is to prove that you are driving legally if you drove to the center)

7. And the awesome translation you got from JAF

8. If Someone who speaks Japanese (if you don't)

Note: just make sure that your license has a section that indicates when your license was issued and the driving center needs to know when your license was issued weather it was renewed in the three months immediately prior to your arrival in Japan make sure you have some proof that your license was issued before that last renewal date Otherwise you’ll be considered a new driver and you will not be able to convert your license but will have to apply for a new license. Suppose if you bring a separate form proving the date of issuance of your license make sure to have someone translate it for you (you should be able to get away with an amateur translation of this form).

The day of your exam DO NOT FORGETS ANY OF YOUR DOCUMENTS AND IDs they already have copies of everything, but you still need to bring the originals again and you can't take the exam without your paperwork present.


1.Your passport

2.Previous, expired passports

3.Alien Registration (Gaijin) Card

4.Home country's driver’s license

5.Previous expired home country's drivers licenses (if possible)

6.Your International Driver's Permit

7.Translation of your license

8.International license

9.A 3x2.4 (standard) photo of yourself

10.Money - you pay for the written and practical exams separately. It adds up to about ¥6000 in total

11.Someone who speaks Japanese (helpful but not mandatory)

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how to get driving licence

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