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How to Get Driving License?

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Laws / regulations for foreigners acquiring an Argentinian driver's license have changed. All the Foreigners can now get a driver's license without the dreaded DNI. I took a chance and I decided to tackle the process of getting my driver's license.

So, here is the process:

First Go to Avandia Colonel Roca 5200 Lugarno with your passport with the current visa stamp and a certificate de domicile which you can get from your local police station for a fee of $10 pesos. This Lugarno is located about 35 minutes from the center of the city. Normally a Cab ride will cost about 32 pesos or you can take Subtle A from Cathedral to Vireo which is the last stop and then take the tram that will take you to the front of the Registry of motor vehicles. These subtle and tram will cost you $1. 45 pesos.

For Once you enter the Registry walk past the crowds go directly to the back of the building and go up to the second floor. You will find there some very nice people will look at your passport and certificate de domicile and walk you through the process.

Now the process is interesting they will send you back downstairs to door number one and there they will take your photo then on to door number two for a hearing test door three is the eye exam four is a psychological exam five is a physical exam. At Once you pass the various exams you must register for a six hour class. So, this is the only requirement because you have to take a written exam which consists of 30 multiple choice questions. Even though I could have taken the free class at the registry I decided to pay $99 pesos and take the class on a Saturday afternoon at one of the approved sites. Merely I used the school at Cabinda 3300. Please make sure they give you the certificate stating you took the class.

Next After this class I reviewed the questions on the Buenos Aires go site. Here there are about 450 questions and it appears they pick the 30 questions from this data base and on this site they do not tell you which of the three possible answers the correct one is.

So, if you decide to get your license I would recommend you take the six hour class studies the questions on the government site before you go to the registry this way you can take the exam the same day you do the paperwork. Registry is open from 8 AM to 7 PM even though the process seems cumbersome I found the process to be relatively easy and the people at the registry to be very helpful. Yes, one more thing don’t do this unless you can read Spanish. Because however they did tell me before I sat down to take the exam if I didn't understand some of the words I could ask for help.

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how to get driving licence

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