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How to Get Driving License Nigeria?

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Stage 1

The Applicants for driver’s license are required to complete and submit their application online. The Applicants will be issued provisional driver’s license and a copy of the VIO theory and practical test book. Applicant is advised to study the VIO theory and practical text book before booking for theory test.

Stage 2

The Applicants for renewal / replacement are advised to complete and submit application form online. The Applicant may have to demonstrate their SKILL KNOWLEDGE and right ATTITUDE to the testing officer for the license to be renewed or replaced.

Stage 3

For the submitting of the application applicant shall be issued an online medical form for certification of medical fitness by a physician. The Applicant shall be required to make an online payment for postage of provisional drivers' license and the VIO theory and practical driving test book. Stage 4

The related Applicant is required to make payment for the provisional drivers' license and full drivers' license to the State Board of Internal Revenue within 72 hours. The Applicant provisional drivers' license shall be endorsed by the Vehicle Inspection Officer on payment of all prescribed fee to the State Government treasury.

Stage 5

The Applicant is required to book online for a theory test on satisfactory completion of study on VIO the theory book and a practical driving training from the Vehicle Inspection Office accredited driving school. Certificate of registration from a driving school may be required when booking your theory test.

Stage 6

The Applicants to report at the test center of choice on the date and time chosen for the theory test. This test shall be taken online in the presence of the VIO. This identity of applicant will be confirmed and data will be captured at the test center. The Applicants must pass the theory test to be eligible to register for the practical driving test.

Stage 7

The Applicants to book for practical driving test on payment of prescribed fees on the scheduled date for the practical driving test applicants are expected to report at the test center with a suitable vehicle. Vehicle MUST be registered and taxed roadworthy certified and insured.

Stage 8

Vehicle Inspection Officer (Testing Officer) shall conduct the driving test within 45 minutes taking the applicant through some driving tours and scoring. So if the examiner identifies 15 errors in the course of the practical driving test the applicant have failed and would have to take the test again.

Stage 9

When the applicant passes the practical driving test the examiner will issue the applicant a certificate of competence indicating the category of the license to be issued. Applicant is therefore certified competent to drive on Nigeria roads and can drive using the certificate for 90 days only.

Stage 10

Applicant data captured during the theory test may be sent electronically to the federal Road Safety Commission for production of the drivers' license. Any kind of valid license shall not be produced except it is processed through the Vehicle Inspection Office Driver and Vehicle Licensing Administration web Application in the state.

Stage 11 Soon Applicants will receive a notification from the Vehicle Inspection Office for collection of drivers' license which must be issued by the state government you reside.

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