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How to Get Driving License South Africa?

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At first you are required to have your driving license on you whenever you are driving a vehicle. At the time applying for the license you will have your fingerprints taken and an eye test will be conducted. For Once you have applied for the license and have passed the eye test a date will be set for your driving test.

Driving license test uses the K53 method and the examiner for driving licenses will ensure that you: -

Keep a valid learner's license.

Just know and understand the road traffic signs. You should be known of sound knowledge of the rules of the road and the different signals which, a driver of a vehicle is required to give when driving on a public road. They are generally capable of driving the type of vehicle specified on the application.

If once you have passed the driving test you will be issued with a temporary driving license while your original driving license is prepared.

After the original license is ready for collection you will be notified. After you collect the license you need to produce your ID. Keep in mind Licenses that are not collected in 120 days are destroyed. Or else if another person is set to collect the driving license the person collecting the license will need to have: -

Keep a certified copy of their identity document.

Keep a certified copy of the driver's identity document.

Keeps an affidavit stating why the driver cannot collect the license himself/herself which also states the name and ID number of the person collecting the his license.

You may require below forms: -

The Application for driving license form (DL1) is available at any driving license testing center.

Required Information


Date of Birth


Mailing address

Residence address


apply driving license
how to get driving licence

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