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How you can obtain your drivers license in Belgium

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If you are thinking of obtaining your drivers license in Belgium you need to remember that the process here is a bit unusual and it is good news for those whose other languages are not strong enough they can take English courses and any other languages.

The theory classes take place at the driving school of your choice and you must take twenty hours of theory classes for one hundred forty euros after which you should be able to pass the theory test. FYI if you feel you do not need the teachers explanation you can study the theory at home only and the school will usually provide all the books for you with road code.

When you are ready to take the theoretical exam you need to book it at the test Centre in Schaerbeek. If you want to do it in English it cost twenty five euros the waiting time can vary and can be one month. Even though you have booked your theory tests in English the questions on the PC screen are in French and the translation cost fifty euros are in the room and they translate each and every questions in loud sound and some people complain about the success rate depends on the skills and pronunciation of translator this is true up to some extent.

After you have passed the theory test you can start driving around the city of Belgium. Suppose if you are lucky and you have someone around you who is been a driver for a minimum eight years you can use them as your guide.

If you do not have anyone like that though you need to book driving classes with famous instructor. The bare minimum ten driving lessons after which they will tell you if you are ready to drive on road with your own or not. If you have done your ten driving lessons but you feel like you are still not fully confident about driving you can ask for some additional classes with the teacher. All driving schools do the time so this should not be a problem. Finally the teacher gives you a document which states that you are ready to drive and that you are not a hazard to others on road users. Only then you will be able to go to the commune to obtain your provisional drivers license and normally it takes about a week or get it and it costs about eight euros or may be change and do not forget to bring two Passport Size 2x 2 photos in color taken with complete face without helmet of yourself and your theoretical exam results paper too.

The provisional license gives you the right to drive on your own or with company excluding kids and pregnant women for the period of eighteen months and after that or before if you are ready you can take your drivers exam in order to obtain the final drivers license.

Suppose if you fail in your driving test twice in a row you will need to book extra six hours with your teacher for further theoretical.

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